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tv   News 4 at 4  NBC  July 19, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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rupert murdoch says he's shocked appalled and ashamed. protesters flattered him with white foam and a pie dish. we'll have all the reaction from the testimony over the phone hacking. two adults and three children were taken to the hospital this afternoon after a large tree limb fell on them here at a park in southeast. the group was part of the people's church summer vacation bible cam. >> they were participating in a fun day at garfield park in the 600 block of third street southeast. several children were marching around the tree when this limb fell on them. >> the guys were playing on the tree. all of a sudden we heard this crack and we saw the branchs come down on them. some of them were able to fall from under the brafrmg, some of them the brafrmgs fell on them, so we had to take some to the hospital. it happened so fast, i don't know what to say. it's too bad we were out in the
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park playing, nobody was doing anything dangerous, something just happened. >> all five people suffered nonlife threatening injuries. pat collins is at the park this afternoon and we'll have a full report coming up at 5:00 tonight. now to the oppressive heat for all of us outside today. >> doug kammerer joins us now, and there are storms brewing out there? >> there are. they're beginning to make their way down through the metro area, we'll talk about that in a second. first off, the heat. it's 95 degrees outside right now, the heat index 101. but yes, it is going to get worse before it gets better over the next couple days, the heat index and the actual temperature will be on the increase. current temperatures around the rest of the region, 91 degrees currently around the martinsburg area. 93 in leesburg, 92 in laplata. aberdeen, maryland just to the northwest of baltimore near 112.
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98 right now in annapolis, and out toward the eastern shore, we're looking at the heat index of 105. some areas will be cooled off because of the rain. can you see some storms making their way down to the north and east. howard county getting hit from these storms, they're starting to move in toward montgomery county. right around mt. airy, right to the south of i-70, those will continue into most of montgomery county and prince georges county over the next couple hours. we will continue to watch them for you right here. as of right now, there's nothing severe. 86 degrees around 9:00 tonight with a chance of showers and storms, continuing through 11:00, i think we clear out, we see a warm night tonight and a warm start tomorrow, starting off around 76 degrees, i'll have the complete forecast as far as just how hot i think we go. it's something we don't see here very often, the century mark. we'll talk about it. >> this is not just our region. the majority of the states in
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our region are under a heat advisory or heat watch. michelle franzen reports, the scorch along with the humidity is downright unbearable and dangerous. >> it's the heat wave that just won't give up. in chicago, venturing out meant taking cover. or taking time to cool off. the scorching heat and humidity that has gripped much of the country for weeks has now moved to the northeast. with the majority of states experiencing 90 plus temperatures. >> this is an incredibly strong ridge. it's been incredibly persistent fuelled by the drought in some ways, it doesn't seem like it's going to be going anywhere any time soon. >> just outside philadelphia, workers repaired a section of an exit ramp to heavily travelled i-95 that buckled under the extreme heat. in charlotte, road crews braved the hot sun and hotter working conditions, making harder to keach cool. >> be extra cautious.
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take breaks, find good shade. and the wind blowing, that's real good. >> workers and the elderly run the biggest risk for heat related problems. but doctors say this ongoing heat wave has the potential to affect anyone. >> the single biggest thing is keeping hydrated. and you can use water for this purpose. gatorade is also fine. it's easy to get behind on the hydration status. >> experts say pace yourself in the coming days there will be little relief. instead temperatures could reach near 100 degrees in parts of the midwest and northeast. michelle franzen, nbc news, new york. >> coming up at 5:00, some people in our area are not letting the hot air get to them. how they're taking advantage of all this heat. >> massive water main break in vienna is now fixed. it began leaking overnight, and water was shut off to 18 businesses in the area. crews repaired the valve along
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maple avenue here. police in washington today are invest gating the death of a man. 23-year-old david gonzalez of northwest was found shot to death about 3:00 a.m., he was lying in the middle of a sidewalk near the intersection of randolph street and georgia avenue in northwest. the scene was less than a block from where police found a vehicle damaged by apparent gunshots. they're investigating whether there's any connection between that vehicle and the murder. police are also looking at video from surveillance cameras in the area. it was quite a show over there in london as british lawmakers questioned rupert murdoch and his son james today in connection with the hacking scandal that has rocked the u.k. the proceedings were briefly suspended when someone tried to attack the elder murdoch. michelle kosinski reports from london. >> reporter: here in london today, just as this gripping testimony of rupert murdoch and
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his son james was wrapping up, testimony that this country has been wanting to hear for many weeks now, in a story that's really become global, something else happened and it was strange. you can see in the video someone suddenly comes up behind rupert murdoch, a member of the public. he seems to be holding a tin that contained shaving cream. he attempts to hit rupert murdoch in the face with it. it halted the proceedings for maybe 10 minutes or so. but then it continued with rupert murdoch and his son saying they didn't know the extent of this hacking. when they did get word it could be bigger, they did everything rig right. >> are you responsible for this whole fiasco? >> no. >> you are not responsible in who is responsible? >> the people that i trusted to run -- and then maybe the people they trusted. >> but then we waited for rebekah brooks to come, in because she was the editor at
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the time that this alleged hacking was going on. we all waited for her to say something, but that did not happen. she said she didn't know about hacking, she never condoned it or sanctioned it. she never knew about payments to police. some of her questioners were saying, isn't it incredible that you did not know any of this? she said, yeah, maybe it is incredible, but i just didn't know. martin sheen and matthew perry are speaking out in support of a program to rehab nonviolent drug abusers. the two joined thousands today in a rally up on the hill. they're asking congress to provide $88 million in funding for the drug courts next year. drug courts combine treatment and accountability programs as an alternative to encarceration. they can change lives. both sheen and perry have both publicly battled either alcohol or drug addiction. well, there may be a breakthrough in the debt ceiling deadlock.
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details not yet clear, but two key factors are known. the plan has bipartisan backing, and it includes tax hikes. here's steve handlesman with a report. >> reporter: president obama announced what he called the good news. >> and i think we now are seeing the potential for a bipartisan consensus. >> a proposal by the gang of six, three democrats, and three republicans in the senate plus neubachers. it would raise the dealt limit, deeply cut spending and add the tax hikes demanded by democrats. >> so that we have an approach in which there's shared sacrifice. >> the obama revelation undercut house republicans, they're pushing through a debt ceiling hike. >> cut federal spending at least back to its '08 levels. >> without imposing higher taxes on the small business people. >> reporter: the democratic senate rejects that. the short term debt ceiling deal
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crafted by senate leaders mcconnell and reid is plan b. >> i do think it's responsible for us to look at what plan b would look like. >> reporter: tea party organizations sent a letter warning republicans not to back plan b. and a crowd of tea party lawmakers marched to the white house demanding no deal on the debt without big cuts. >> we're here because the american people told us overwhelmingly, cut the spending, cut the debt. >> reporter: in fact, americans are divided. 55% of the usa today poll said spend ning is problem, 55% in the nbc news poll said not hiking the debt ceiling is a serious problem. president obama says both issues could get fixed by the gang of six. more than 50 senators from both political parties attended today's gang of six meeting up here. that's a positive sign. now, getting the details worked
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out in time to beat the august 2nd deadline, that is plan a. robert gates has signed a two-book deal. the publishing group says gates agreed to write a memoir and a work on leadership. gates stepped down july 1st after serving as defense second for 4.5 years, he was first hired by george w. bush and continued serving under president obama. new york city's going to hold a lottery for couples who want to get married on sunday. it's the first day same sex marriages will be legal there. lawmakers approved gay marriage last month. couples can register for the lottery starting today. thousandses are expected to register. only 660 will be selected. they decided to have a lottery to avoid situations where people wait for hours only to be turned away. after monday the weddings will be performed, first come, first
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serve. news 4 at 4:00 is just getting started. it's a wedding day photo this woman will never forget. the bizarre mugshot coming up. betty white says thanks but no thanks to the marine corps ball. the harry potter star is done with spells and headed back to school. >> it's kind of like -- >> yes. >> well, he's a rock star and a judge on a hit tv show. now, adam levine is showing us some of his new
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an investigation is underway today after an air traffic controller was accused of being drunk on the job. it happened back on july 5 chblg at the denver center in long mont. the controller was immediately relieved of duty. the faa considers .02 as intoxicated even though most states say .08 is the legal limit for drivers. this incident is deeply troubling. we don't condone the alleged conduct at denver center
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currently under investigation. well, tammy lee henton got married saturday in michigan. she wore a white gown with spaghetti straps, a veil, a silver necklace, and did we tell you about the handcuffs? >> she was arrested soon after the ceremony on identity theft charges. they heard she had been living in florida but would be back in the area for a wedding. her court date was yesterday, but she didn't show up. ♪ everybody dance now >> some superheroes making a push for education in chile. hundreds of students dressed as various superheroes, demonstrated for reform. the college and high school students want the government to lower tuition, provide cheaper transportation and institute other education reforms.
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this is is the latest of several demos they've organized to call attention to their cause. despite her busy film career, emma watson is still making time for school. the harry potter star says she still plans to take classes at england's oxford university come fall. she'll return to providence, rhode island next year to complete her degree at brown. she left brown earlier this year saying she wanted to devote her time to the final harry potter film. there were rumors she was bullied at the ivy league school and that's why she had to drop out. the final chapter in the potter series premiered last weekend. betty white is now 89 years old and still breaking young men's hearts. she must decline a marine's youtube invite to the marine corps ball. she loves a man in uniform but her taping schedule for "hot in cleveland" means she can't make it. ray lewis was following the lead of two fellow marines who had
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invited justin timberlake and mila kunis to the ball through youtube. adam levine became more well known after appearing on "the voice." mick jagger's moves are shown in a recent video for maroon 5. ♪ >> reporter: adam levine half naked in tight black pants in mick jagger style dance moves many michael yeoh on stage with him. >> she has a strong powerful, ama amazing voice to offer to the
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song. >> how do adam's moves stack up? >> yes. >> reporter: well, judge for yourself. adam and christina originally debuted the tune on "the voice." the song was sent to number one on itunes. ♪ >> maroon 5 has been around a while. people know maroon 5. do you feel like you've gained an audience with this tv show? >> i think they rediscovered who we are. oh, that's the guy that's in the band that sings those songs that i know. i didn't know it was him, i didn't know it was them. >> reporter: we had to wonder if adam's girlfriend felt the same. >> is it weird for you having a girlfriend being around beautiful women on a video shoot? >> weird. define weird. >> usually when you're single -- >> it's nice to see beautiful women on the set. >> when you're single you're like, wow! she's really hot. now that you have a girlfriend.
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>> i'm a one woman man but we have eyes. we don't have to wear blindfolds when we're around beautiful people. i'm standing next to jesse, i can look at him. >> he's a pretty sexy guy. >> now to our weekly segment the hottys brought to us by hot 99.5. each week, listeners of the show vote for their favorite local people, places and things. joining us now with more is kane himself back from a week off. tell us about some of these hot locations. >> other than wendy in her dressing room and the hot locations, where in town would you you go if you're looking for a night out. if you wanted to be in the it crowd and be seen? you'd go to adams morgan, to district maybe to public. maybe to the leukemia lymphoma society and the annual ball they have or the humane society's annual ball they have. this is the category, if you are
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anyone or you want to be someone. these are the places that you would absolutely go. so this is what you would do, you go to and see the 12 you have on the scene in front of you, you pick and vote for your favorite ones you'd like to represent. >> this is cool. and all the other categories too. you have restaurants, bars, cocktails, the works. >> best places to get drunk food, best bathrooms to use for a night out. we're trying to find the best of the best for washington, d.c.. the places that personify our location. the things that people in d.c. love to do. >> let's talk about big talkers this morning. a lot of hot topics today, but one of them had to do with workweek and workday, 9:00 to 5:00 is no longer the average day for most people. >> the new thing is 50 hours now. 40 used to be the norm. now with blackberries, smart phones, e-mail on your compute he, the workweek is now 50
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hours, they say. so this is. >> yeah, for wendy, i think it's like 30, and then she comes in and there's the hair and make-up which you witnessed today. >> one of the hot topics tomorrow. >> tomorrow we have a story about men and women in relationships and marriages. believe it or not women are happier when they're with guys that are bigger than they are. and i'm not just talking about a little bit, i'm talking about a lot. this is the year of the big guy. >> that makes sense, though. >> why? >> i would think women don't have to think about being heavier -- >> there's more to it than that, we'll tell you what did is tomorrow at 7:45. >> i'm trying to look forward to it. you can vote on your favorite local hotties. the kane show starts at 5:00 on the a.m. side. >> see you then. >> wendy? >> bigger than they are? okay. coming up on news 4. doctors are warning about the problems of children lifting
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heavyweights at such a young age. an a teenager heads to court today after he's accused of killing his parents and then throwing a house party.
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we are going to be roasting in a few days. >> it's hot today. >> yeah, it is. >> you're saying indexes of way over 100? >> yeah, potentially 110 to maybe 115 in some locations. that includes the district. we're not talking about a little heat wave, we're talking about a heat wave that doesn't happen around here very often as far as the temperatures go. i think we're going to be up to 100 degrees, maybe three days in a row. if we hit 100 three days in a row. that's only happened three times in our history. we're talking about hot air moving on in here. definitely on the hot side, with a temperature of 95 degrees, dewpoint of 70. that makes it humid out there, even though the humidity only 44%. it still feels very humid. that's why we call it relative humidity. heat index at 101 degrees. around the rest of the region we're on the hot side. baltimore, 79 degrees right now,
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gaithers berg around 88. gaithersburg, you're going to see 88 in a few minutes. fredericksburg at 91 degrees. heat index, 108 right now in fredericksburg. 105 in laplata. lees burg coming in at 103. if you think it's hot today, just wait, we're going to get a lot hotter, here comes some relief in the form of thunderstorm activity, and these storms pushing into portions of montgomery county, not severe, we're not talking about strong storms, a little bit of lightening, just to the north of gaithers berg, you can see this line moving into parts of montgomery county, howard county seeing a lot of rain from this. close to an inch of rain. we'll zoom in around the damascus area, laytonsville seeing heavier rain. this is a line of showers and thunderstorms just to the east of 97, sunrise beach, arnold, you are seeing heavy rain down toward annapolis.
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expect heavy rain into those locations. scattered storms, some of them could be strong, on the hot and humid side. temperatures falling from 89 to 91 degrees. tomorrow morning partly cloudy, warm and humid, 72 to 76. tomorrow, another hot one. temperatures in the mid-90s, 91 to about 96 degrees, we'll see an isolated storm, mostly to the west, though, around i-81. here comes the real heat. thursday, 99. friday 101. saturday temperature of around 100 degrees, and that does not include the humidity. once again, the heat index over 110. and we are looking at an excessive heat watch in effect for thursday. that will most likely be extended. >> what does this do to your backyard weather on friday? >> 101. >> we're going to cancel it, because it's too dangerous to be out in the heat. we're talking 110 to 115 with the heat index. >> thank you, doug. still to come on news 4. casey anthony still no word on
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where she is hiding. plus, nasa's final flight is now on its way home.
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welcome back to news 4 at 4:00, i'm wendy rieger sitting in for pat lawson muse. >> rupert murdoch's wife is being praised for some quick reflexes. sprang to her husband's defense when a spectator tried to throw some sort of cream pie in his face today. it happened in a parliament hearing over the hacking scandal. a 23-year-old man found shot to death of in the district. police investigatinged death of david gonzalez in northwest last night. his body found near the intersection of randolph street
4:32 pm
avenue. president obama announced today there may be some sort of breakthrough to end the deadlock over hiking the debt ceiling. details are not yet clear, but two key factors are known. the plan has bipartisan backing and it includes tax hikes. wall street has had its best day since march. the dow up 202 points. the s&p 500 up 21 points, and the nasdaq composite up 61 points. something to applaud. she's out of jail, but where is casey anthony? she hasn't been seen in public since she left that florida prison early sunday morning. new information is suggesting, she may have flown to southern california on a private jet. >> where is the first place you would go search. >> todd was a highpowered california attorney, once a member of casey anthony's legal team, who reportedly gave her $70,000 before leaving the case
4:33 pm
last year. >> there's substantial evidence that proves her innocence. >> reporter: he advertises his private plane, a plane that enables us to travel anywhere in the united states in seven hours. the day before casey was released from jail, his plane was on the ground in orlando according to a website which tracks commercial and private aircrafts. pilots are not kwered to file flight plans for every trip. but the next time the plane showed up was in panama city, florida. nearly four hours after casey's release from jail. after changing its planned destination twice, the plane headed to prescott, arizona. almost 15 hours later, the plane stopped in northern california and then landed at the john wayne airport here in south encalifornia. casey's legal team will not say if she was on board or if she's now in california.
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>> there might be somebody, if they want to spend enough money, effort and energy trying to find her. it won't do them any good. they won't be able to get to her, they won't be able to talk to her. >> it's unclear who's funding casey anthony's life right now, she left jail with only $537.68. there's talk of a possible pay-per-view television interview. she's also been hit with an irs tax lien and four different lawsuits. >> anthony was acquitted last week of murder in the death of her young daughter. in less than two days, the space shuttle program will officially be history. astronauts on board atlantis shared an emotional good-bye with the space station crew. chris ferguson leaving behind a flag that flew on the first shuttle mission in 1981. the shuttle undocked for the last time. >> we anticipate great things to follow, from the men and women who build, operate and live
4:35 pm
there. from this point we can see a great thing has been accomplished. make us proud. >> atlantis is scheduled to touch down in florida early thursday morning. the shuttle will nen remain at the kennedy space center for retirement. this might be the time to buy plane tickets if you're planning to travel into the fall. airtran has laufrmged a late summer early fall sale. the fares can be purchased through august 1st. lowest fares are for tuesday and wednesday flights. they range from $59 twin atlanta and richmond to $134 twin milwaukee and cancun. textbooks could be getting cheaper for college students now that amazon is offering them for rent on kindle. >> students can save up to 80% of the price of a printed textbook, based on how long they
4:36 pm
need the ebook. that could be a month or a year or anywhere in between. users can save any an notations they make even when the rental is over, and the retextbook -- or the etextbook can be read on the kindle, mac, pc or smart phone too. there's a lot more to come at 4:00. a small barking dog scared off some burglars. and the warning for
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nothing like a small ferocious little dog to scare off some robbers at a store in california. take a look. he chased them down the street. they thought they had this one planned, the robbers did. except they didn't plan on him. the chihuahua. they went into -- this is a smoke shop in l.a. they ended up with cash, but not everything that they were hoping to get, because that little dog just went after them relentlessly. and goodness knows where they are now. >> big guard dogs there. american express is jumping into the social media world.
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an app on facebook, they will offer personalized coupons, based on a cold holder's likes and interests. american express says unlike some other online coupon offers, won't force customers to spend money up front to get the special deals. speaking of deals today, today's daily deal for groupon head to the green turtle. they're offering up $20 savings. a 50% discount. there's a catch, in virginia, you can't use it on alcohol, it's for eight locations, we understand. now moving on to the groupon livingsocial today. our special is for paradise springs winery in clifton, virginia. two wine glasses to keep and a cheese selection for $17. that is a 50% savings. so far we've got about 1500 takers for it. wendy? >> all right. when news 4 at 4:00 returns, more and more teens entering body building contests, is it
4:41 pm
safe for such young boys to be pumping iron. a teenager is accused of killing his parents with a hammer, and then he threw a party. lots coming up tonight on nbc washington nonstop at 7:00. i'll join wendy for daily connection. later at 9:00 p.m., nonstop foodies d.c., they say beer is the new wine. how to pick a brew that matches your meal. then stay tuned for nonstop scene d.c. a baby boom at the national zoo. that all
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it's going to be a scorching week and dangerous out there. >> we're talking about temperatures approaching the triple digits over the next c p couple days. it's going to be the heat and humidity. the heat index could be approaching 110 to 115. that's why the national weather service has issued an excessive heat watch for thursday. the heat index is about 101. current temperatures, 91 in leesburg. about 100 in manassas, 105 in culpepper, laplata coming in at 105. baltimore, 82 degrees. that's good news.
4:45 pm
they're seeing rain around the baltimore area. those are the counties getting hit right now with the rain. you can see what i'm talking about around gaithersburg, nothing severe right now, we are watching this rain come down at a pretty good clip, right around 270 in the gaithersburg area. as we move over toward the east, we're looking toward annapolis, right along 50 over toward arnold. and then a little bit further down toward the south into central portions of anne arundel county. right now rain coming down there. it's on the moderate side. this evening, we're looking for a chance for some strong storms, scattered across the area. coming into the district at this hour. the temperatures start to fall this evening, they're not going to fall too far, temperatures around 72 to 76 degrees. sunrise tomorrow at 5:59. tomorrow will be the last day that the sun will rise before
4:46 pm
6:00, as our zaz are continuing to get shorter as we head toward later this year. isolated thunderstorms, mostly to the west around the i-81 corridor. 91 to 96 degrees tomorrow. the heat index approaching 100 to 105 tomorrow. the heat really sets in on thursday. a high of 99 degrees. friday a high of 101 potentially. that is close to a record, but not quite record breaking heat. it will be hazy, hot and humid thursday, friday and saturday. saturday also looking at a temperature of around 100. so we're going to be in for very intense heat, looking at the potential heat index those days could be up between 110 and 115. that is something we do not see in our area very often. >> thanks, doug. more and more teenagers are hitting the gym and pumping iron. >> some children as young as six are working out. and doctors are focusing on the weight room at such a young age
4:47 pm
can come at a price. aditi roy reports. >> reporter: killer abz. steely arms and a rippled chest. this is no seasoned is professional. this bodybuilder is a 13-year-old boy. >> i guess having a good body, working muscles to perfection. that's what i like about it. >> reporter: richard started pumping iron last year. >> i set ridiculous goals to see if i could reach them. >> reporter: one of those goals to showcase a sculpted physique from front of a crowd. he bronzed up and posed on a stage. it was his first amateur body building competition. he won. >> i was unsure i was going to be able to get on stage, but it was a lot of fun. >> he spent two days at the gym lifting weights with his dad. >> we're close friends, i'm so proud of him. >> reporter: richard isn't alone in his love of working out. a recent study shows the number
4:48 pm
of 6 through 11-year-olds joining a gym has doubled since 2005. >> the younger they are, the more susceptible the cartilage is to injury. a significant injury to a growth plate can lead to long term consequences. >> some doctors say with the right adult supervision, weight training even in the preteen years can be safe. others claim body building is different. >> for boys, perfectionism is equated with encreased muss cue lay muscularity. >> making similar to tiara wearing girls. >> body building is exactly the same time as beauty pageants are to girls. >> reporter: the family has consulted with their son's pediatrician. >> i think he's gotten more confident.
4:49 pm
he knows he's stronger. >> if you try your best, it will work your body to the point of perfection. >> reporter: for richard, it is about the perfect body. one lift at a time. aditi roy, nbc news, los angeles. coming up next at 4:00, a bus driver wanted to make sure his passengers rode in style. the texas rangers make changes to the ballpark after the death of a fan. coming up at 5:00. michael vick makes a move to crack down on dogfighting. what the nfl star is doing to revamp his image and stop others from repeating his mistakes. ed top ten list you don't want to make. the unhealthiest meals in america. which dish came out on top. and then at 6:00, the alien snakehead fish has been spotted again in our waters. we'll tell you about the concern over that return at 6:00.
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residents along part of the jersey shore say they have a smelly mess on their hands, all along the bay and brick township there's a blanket of dying seaweed mixing with hydrogen sulfide or swamp gas. it's creating a smelly soup that's driving people to stay indoors. the sludge is the result of fertilizer runoff and sewage plant overflows. crews say they're working to clean it up, but it could take a while. >> they have more problems than just the smelly seaweed it looks
4:53 pm
like. a young bus driver in northern china wanted to create a more enjoyable environment for passengers, so he went on a decorating spree. from the handrails to the engine hood to the walls, nearly every surface has a little something on it. stickers, stuffed animals, smiley faces, figurines. just a little slice of heaven. the driver said he hopes the decorations will help passengers relax after a stress filled day. the tem as rangers are taking steps to make their ballpark safer after the death of a fan earlier this month. shannon stone fell head first 20 feet on to concrete while trying to catch a ball tossed by a player. the rangers are raising the height of all rails in front of the seating area to what they say is the highest standard in the country. the rangers' next home game is friday night. what police say a teenager allegedly used to kill his parents. and then he threw a party.
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4:56 pm
police in florida say a teenager killed his parents, then threw a party while they lay dead in their home. tyler hadley was in a florida courtroom answering to murder charges. mark potter has the story. >> tyler, tyler, they say you
4:57 pm
murdered your parents. >> reporter: tyler hadley was transferred monday evening from juvenile detention to jail after he was charged as an adult for the murders of his parents. police say they were bludgeoned to death with a framinghamer like this one. >> it was a merciless killing, it was brutal. >> reporter: police discovered the grizzly scene early sunday morning after an anonymous tip about a possible murder brought them to the home in port saint lucy, florida. their bodies were found on their bedroom floor with the hammer between them. police say he tried to hide the bodies beneath items from the house. >> books, files, towels, anything he could find inside the home to cover the body. >> reporter: hadley killed his parents and hid their bodies on
4:58 pm
saturday. also on that day, hadley invited facebook friends to his house for a party and went on to party with dozens of his friends. >> there was at least a good 50 people that were here. >> a neighbor called police at 2:30 sunday morning to complain about the news. >> squealing tires, kids hanging out of the windows, yelling at each other. >> reporter: two hours later, police returned to the home after receiving the murder tip. hadley isn't talking and they have not established a motive. neighbors and family friends are now stunned. >> i was just perplexed, i guess, as everyone is as to what happened. >> you wonder what could possibly have gone so wrong, what could be going through a child's mind to did something so violent and horrible to his parents. it's mind-boggling. >> hadley has been appointed a public defender. that does it for news 4 at 4:00. i'll be back at 6:00. news 4 at 5:00 starts right now.
4:59 pm
first at 5:00, it is the hottest weather of the season, a summer scorcher, hitting dangerous highs across much of the country. if think it's bad now, just wait until the end of the week. welcome on that night, i'm wendy rieger. >> and i'm doreen gentzler sitting in for jim handly. the extreme heat is making people miserable. that's not only the big weather story. >> let's get right to doug kammerer tracking the conditions. >> the temperatures over the last hour have gone up again. 96 degrees the current temperature out there across the district. that puts our heat index up to 103 right now. winses out of the north-northwest at about 13 miles per hour, we'd like to see some relief from those showers. some of us are getting that relief. take a look at the numbers, 79 degrees t


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